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by Dineshjatdj

Weeding Invitation Messages– A wedding invitation lets the person know that you want them to be there for your big day. This makes it one of the most important decisions you need to make when planning your wedding.

A wedding means three things: a party, love, and coming together. The happy couple’s wedding ceremony should bring together well-wishers, friends, and family members. It is one of the holiest and most beautiful times in a person’s life.

That’s the only reason why their friends, family, parents, and the couple themselves can send wedding invitation messages. Also, the words you use for your wedding should be lovely, beautiful, and classy. But for some people, it might be hard to come up with the right ideas for wedding invitations.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Messages

Traditional Wedding Invitation Messages

  • [Names] joyfully invite you to share in their happiness as they unite in marriage on [day and date] at [time and venue]. Post ceremony immediately to follow.
  • As I get married to the man/woman of my dreams, I would like you, my friends, to be by my side on the most important day of my life, guide me through the life-changing marriage ceremony and ease down my worries.
  • Dear friend, I am sending you this text to express my wish to see you on my marriage day. I anticipate seeing you on the special day I will tie the knot. Without your presence, the celebration will not be the same.
  • Dear friends, with a lot of pleasure we would like to invite you to our wedding ceremony and bless us with your presence. We hope that you will make it to our special day and see the strengthening of our unbreakable union in person!
  • My dear best friend, I would love to invite you to the greatest event of my life, which is happening quite soon. I am so excited to get married to the love of my life, and I would not want this ceremony to take place without my closest friend in the entire world. Please join me and my future husband/wife in our celebrations. We love you and are waiting for you!
  • My dearest pal, we have known each other for years. Our friendship is growing stronger every passing day. As I marry my soul mate, I am requesting you to stand by my side.

Casual wedding invitation messages

Casual wedding invitation messages 

  • My precious friend, you were always there for me in the highest and lowest moments of my life, and now the most important day in my life – my wedding – has come. I and (husband/wife’s name) would love you to be there! The ceremony will be incomplete without you there. Join us in our happiness!
  • Our dear friends, we decided that we want to share our life with you and be with each other in happiness and grief. We want you to start this way alongside us. Please come to our beautiful ceremony. We are excited to see you there!
  • Let’s unite once again as two loving souls of children creates a long-lasting bond in our marriage. Your existence will make this event more special.
  •  We expect you to bless us during the holiest wedding of love, dedication, and devotion. We cordially invite you to all the members of the family.
  • With our sincere invitation, we (groom’s name )and the bride’s name cordially invite you to come to our wedding ceremony (date) at the (venue) by the time
  • You have always been the most integral part of our lives. Let’s together celebrate the relationship we share the best through this wedding ceremony! We sincerely invite you to join us with your lovely family.
  • You all are invited to be honorable on your special occasion of a wedding ceremony. We are expecting to see you at our grand wedding venue. Must come
  • It is high time to honor the most beautiful, wonderful custom of marriage and share the joy of our daughter/son as they take the oath of marriage. You are heartily invited to join us.
  • We can’t thank the Almighty enough for making sure the best possible life partner for our child. We request you to attend the wedding ceremony on (Date) (Time) (Place)
  • It is with a bright smile we share the best news of our daughter’s marriage to (name of the groom). We cordially invite you to celebrate this auspicious occasion with them.
  • You know my eldest child is going to get married soon on the (date) of (month). Come forward and bless the young couple on the very auspicious even with your lovely presence.
  • Our big day would be missing something if our amazing friends would not make it to the ceremony. So, we are sincerely asking you to come and be with us on the most anticipated day of our life.
  • Please join us in the celebration of our big day, which will happen this upcoming weekend. We hope you will grant us your presence, and we will be happy to see you on our special day. All the prayers are welcome!
  • This is not just a day to have the most delicious food, have fun and wear the newest dresses. This is the day when we take the brand-new step in our relationship, which will be the first day of our married life. And this day will only be complete if my wonderful friends are there to see me tying the knot with my love. So, we want to invite you and your family to our festive day!
  • Dear colleagues! I would appreciate your presence at my special event – my wedding with the person I love and treasure. Without you, my big day will not be the same. I will be extremely grateful if you decide to come and celebrate this happy occasion together with me!
  • We are inviting you to celebrate the day when we take our next large step in the relationship. We promise you that the wedding will be magnificent. We would be incredibly grateful if you came to celebrate our love together with us!
  • Our dear friend, it gives us great joy to cordially invite you to our big day. Your presence in the ceremony will mean everything to us. You are officially invited to our upcoming wedding to celebrate the meeting of two loving hearts. We would love to see you at the ceremony and hear your sincere prayers for our union.
  • Hand in hand, we take our vows on the [date, month] at [place]. Dear friends, you are all earnestly requested to bless our marriage with your presence. Together, we will make the day beautiful.
  • What more could a person ask for a wedding than the three F: family, friends, and fun? You are welcome to our big day.

Wedding Invitation Text Messages

Wedding Invitation Text Messages

  • We will be extremely pleased to have your presence grace the wedding ceremony of our adorable daughter (name) to (groom’s name), which will be organized on (date) of (month) at (venue). We welcome you all. Thank you!
  • With the joy of our hearts, we (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) invite you all to our wedding ceremony join (date) at (place) by (time). Our wedding reception is going to be held at (wedding reception venue).
  • (Bride’s name) & (groom’s name) will get married on the (date). Kindly, give your presence as a witness to the exchange of our marital swearing at (venue) by (time). Thank you!
  • (Bride’s parents’ name) and (groom’s parents’ names) joyously invite you to be there as a guest at the wedding of their (groom’s name) and (bride’s name) on (date) and (time).
  • We are very pleased to invite you to the holy occasion of our beloved niece (bride’s name) and (groom’s name) on (date). Note the time and come in your dancing shoes!
  • We delightfully invite and announce you to the marriage ceremony of our son (groom’s name) and his (bride’s name) on (date) at (venue) by (time). May God bless you. Thank you!
  • My friend, you are not exactly charming or super funny, but if you come to my ceremony the other guests will look better in comparison.
  • Our wedding is going to take place on (date of the big day), and (name of your future husband/wife) said that it would be alright if you came.
  • We invite you to our wedding and are hoping that you will come! Please consider your gift thoroughly, because if we do not like it, we will have to give it back to you for your own big day.
  • We are taking an important step in our future life, so we just have to call you to be there for us.
  • So, how are we planning to make our ceremony a memorable event?

Unique wedding invitation message for WhatsApp

  • We have no idea so far. But eh, come anyway. We have been considering getting married for a while, so come along, I guess.
  • Our wedding ceremony will include the dance floor and the open bar, so of course, who else would get our first invitation except you?
  • You have always been a great friend to me, and my husband/wife-to-be is only mildly annoyed with you, so please come to our wedding!
  • As you know, I and my husband/wife-to-be are the perfect couple, but we sometimes think – where would we be if it was not for you? Come to our special day – and don’t you dare miss it.
  • We appreciate the role which you have played in our lives all this time, but now you seriously must change the role. Just kidding, please come to our big day! Come to our wedding ceremony; we will have a lot of cake there!
  • We have been best friends ever since we first met! Oh, and you are neat, too. Please consider coming to our big day!
  • Walking down the aisle will be pointless if you are not here to cheer for us and give inappropriate whistles. Come to our wedding!
  • You are one of these few friends that we absolutely would not tolerate any excuses. You will either come to our wedding ceremony or pay your price later.
  • Do you remember when you said that my future husband/wife is the one and only for me? It turns out that you knew all along! What would the wedding be now without you?
  • So, you get an invitation to our wedding ceremony, and in return, we will prepare for you your favourite (insert the name of a meal that your friend loves).
  • We are getting married, and we thought that it would only be fair if you were at our ceremony!
  • Join us for the best moments of our life by coming to our wedding day! Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, there will be a lot of booze.

Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends


Wedding Invitation Messages from Parents

  • We are very proud to announce the wedding of our daughter/son with (name). It would be of great honor if you present there on time with your all family. Thank you in advance!
  • We are overwhelmed by joy as we announce the wedding anniversary of our adorable son/daughter. We heartily invite you to bless him/her for beginning the new journey.
  • Our eldest son (name of the son) is going to get married to (name of groom). You are cordially invited to be coming to the wedding (venue). Bless them with your blessing. Thank you!
  • We heartily invite you to be with us as we begin to celebrate the devotion and love of our children on (date) in a marriage ceremony. Your presence means a lot to us.
  • We are glad to inform you that we’ve made all the best arrangements to marry our son/daughter with (name) on (date). We are looking forward to seeing you at (venue).
  • We have the honor to invite you to our wedding solemnization of our son/daughter. We have waited for a long time to come to this moment. Come fast, we are very excited to join you.
  • Mr. & Mrs. (name of groom’s parents) and Mr. & Mrs. (name of bride’s parents) request you to join at the marriage of their (brides name) and (groom’s name) (date) (time) (month) (venue)
  • Mr. & Mrs. (name of groom’s parents) and Mr. & Mrs. (name of bride’s parents) request you to join at the marriage of their (brides name) and (groom’s name) (date) (time) (month) (venue)
  • As a part of our family member and a guardian to our adorable children, we expect you to be with us on the auspicious day of the wedding taking place at (venue) on (date). Many thanks for coming in advance!
  • We exceptionally request the pleasure of your best company as our daughters are going to get hitched with her (groom’s name) on (date). We will be pleased if you present for the reception at (venue).
  • We are incredibly proud to let you know that our child is getting married to her fiance. Your respectable presence is requested to make this auspicious occasion extraordinary.
  • Today, we are extra happy to invite you to be with us at our son’s wedding ceremony on (date). We have no doubt at all that the heavenly charm of your presence at our son’s wedding will surely intensify the joy of the celebration.

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