GameFly is slashing prices on dozens of preowned games, giving you a chance to pick up and more at some of the best prices of 2022.

Most products come with a new case and inserts, and all original codes are included with your purchase (unless noted otherwise on the store listing).

Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch games are all featured in the and there's a surprisingly robust selection up for grabs.

The standout on PlayStation 5 is which won our Game of the Year 2021 award--thanks to tight gunplay and a mind-bending narrative.

You'll also find on sale for just $15, making it an affordable option if you're in the market for a new FPS.

Other multiplatform hits seeing big discounts include Far Cry 6 for $10, for $15, and for $15.

meanwhile, is listed for $20 on Xbox Series X. Its free multiplayer mode might be the star of the show, but its single-player campaign is more than worth its low price tag.

Halo's traditional gameplay is a perfect fit for an open-world design, and the inclusion of the Grappleshot makes it fun to just roam around and cause chaos.

If you happened to miss out on or all three are discounted during the latest sale.